The innovation of surgical masks production
Surgical masks production, as the industrial needs require, comes from our experience and “know how” into textile machinery industry through a machine with a new concept.


Tecnology and Quality

It is designed basing on the highest quality standards and the use of the most modern and reliable technology in terms of performances and reliability.
It is CE certified for the suitable production of certified masks.
MACH S1 meets the simplification and control needs which are typical of 4.0 industry advanced productive processes.


The innovative process concept of this system combines a series of controls which reduce both the personnel use and interventions.
All main process steps are checked by devices and sensors in order to reduce errors and wastes and increase the production quality.
Each parameter programming is able to allow the best personalisation as the production lots management with different characteristics.
The material tension and centring is automatic and individually controlled on each veil.

High productivity

All data can be saved in receipts in order to keep them for future availability, basing all on quality and control. Every process can be monitored.
Another important system is the Patent for low kinematic lace welding, with speed and precision, which enables the machine to have a very high productivity in only one line, consequently reducing the personnel use and controls at the end. It facilitates also the connection to systems to queue, i.e. Flow Pack and/or boxing machine.

Innovative machine

It is planned on linear plant with ergonomics and usability to have high productivity in terms of quality. Low kinematic laces welding system (Patent).



Active feeding performance with tension check of each veil

Bending sheets

Low friction original bending system


Self-centering alignment calibrated for a veils insertion check


Sdoppiamento del procWelding process splitting for a differential set up, which takes into account various parameters connected with thicknesses or tissue layersesso di saldatura per una regolazione differenziata che tenga conto dei diversi parametri legata agli spessori o strati di tessuto

Straightening roller

Straightening tensions check at each step

Closed chamber

Production in lighting closed chamber, antistatic and antibacterial preparation

Tapis roulant

Exit belt with programmable stacking

Although the machine is in the closed line, it keeps a great accessibility and transparency
It is designed for antibacterial and antistatic systems basing on customer requests.

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