Project automatic pharmacies


This project is called PHARMA DIONIS.
The project concerns a system for the automatic management of the medicine in pharmacies. About this project a company network composed of Sacea, Planner One, Eutrolog and Bromas-Log has already formed. The latter two companies will be replaced by Swiss Tech at the end of the year.The network takes care of marketing the system, furnishing pharmacies and distribution.

bromas_log_12Swiss Tech is the subsidiary company of Eutrolog and Bromas-Log that designs and builds automated systems for warehouse with all related services for pharmacies, hospitals, and distribution.
The DIONIS system is a system patented by Bromas-Log and has major advantages both in terms of space and speeding up of the process, compared to competitors such as Rowa (world leader), Tecnilab etc..We estimate an increase of 200% of the average speed of withdrawal and storage and a space-saving increase of 20/30% for the same products in storage as the competition. There are also other advantages not described here.

The market for these products is very important, especially abroad. In Italy this has been increasing in recent years and this is a strategic product to address it.