Bromas-Log has developed a philosophy and vision of work summarized in four points

Build up an advantage
The project was born of an idea that is not extinguished by the duration time of development and industrialisation.
Immediately elaborate a project for quick and direct decision making while reducing development time and costs.

Leader in innovation
The interpretation of new needs, the vision of the future combined with the ability to develop and convert these concepts into machinery, systems and products.
Support all the steps from research and development to the technology used in the industrial sector to stimulate demand. Creating new paradigms gives us enthusiasm and determination for our work. The company has obtained significant patents on several systems, thanks to both its versatility, and its creativity.

Based on experience
Our experience and our know-how in the process that goes from the design to the development and industrialisation of complex machinery allows us to address ideas with great expertise. The versatility in this makes us very flexible to new applications.

Know how
Many parts come into play in a project: mechanism, electronics, pneumatic, software, etc. We think that managing the integration process of a project with full mastery of these technologies is essential, to achieve good results. The knowledge of the quality and reliability of the components gives us assurance about the success of the product industrialisation .

The projects

These are links on You tube to see some machinery made by Bromas Srl.:
Vesomat o MB3
See also on Internet entries such as “Versomat


Basically Bromas-Log Srl is a young company that inherits a patrimony of important know-how from Bromas Srl. This makes it able to bring up and offer significant innovations, playing a role in the conception and design of industrial systems, to channel them in new activities , in collaboration with subjects that, being already in the market, can convey such innovation and boost their businesses through these new ideas and projects.
The goal is to be structured as technical department capable of developing fill spectrum projects and all the relative documentation to strengthen its role in the various activities it takes part in.